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Reformation Day Ideas

Ideas for your very own Reformation Day celebration...

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Have a "Reformation Sunday" sundae!

Our youth group fills a 6 foot long rain gutter (clean of course! and only used for this!) with ice cream. Each kid brings their favorite topping to add to the ice cream. And there you have it, a "Reformation Sunday" sundae!

Deb Graybosch
Trinity Lutheran Church
Islip, NY

Play Reformation Pictionary with words like theology, truth, red, beer, 95 theses, free, nun, A Mighty Fortress, diet, Germany, devil, Gospel, Law, baptism, lightning, grace, October 31, castle, monk, worms, nail, indulgences, church and door.

From Becky in Georgia

Carve Old Lutheran Reformation Day Pumpkins! - Get free patterns and carving instructions here.

Strike up the Oom Pah Band and do the Reformation Polka...

Make a "Diet of Worms Cake" and bring it to your office or school - recipe found here.

Have a "Baptismal Apple Dunk"

Run a "Law and Gospel Shuffle Relay"

Create a "Fishers of Men" Fishing Pond

Do a "Defeat the Devil Ball Toss"

Play "Pin the 95 Theses on the Wittenberg Door"

Run a "Throw Indulgences in the Trash" relay

Find a storyteller to tell of the events of Luther's life!

Have a costume party - everyone dress up as their favorite reformation personality.

Have a special showing of the Movie "Luther" at church or in your home!

Present this Reformation skit on Luther that was written by Joan Peery.

Here is a Katie Luther Monologue that would be a perfect addition to your Party.

Hold a "Mightiest Fortress" building contest- build a tower and see whose isstrongest

Participate in the "Diet of Worms" - otherwise known as gummy worm eating contest. -

Mariesa Robbins
Youth/Parish Coordinator
Our Savior Lutheran Church
Bradley Illinois

Go "Reformation Caroling." Travel door to door with your hymnals and sing ALL the big Reformation favorites! Of course, some people get us confused with the "Trick-or-drinkers" that wobble around the neighborhood!

Dr. Randel L. Wolfe
Historic Trinity Lutheran Church of the City of Reading

Speaking of Caroling, here's a Reformation Carol by Anne & Tom Lipe.

And another song: Martin the German by Chris P. Matthy(to the tune of "Frosty the Snowman")

A beef barbeque, also known as a Papal Bull Roast.

If the weather's good,
1) cook over an open fire (after all, WWMD if roasting his bull? Go thou and do likewise.);
2) serve chilled mugs of your favorite fermented beverage; and
3) have a hymn sing while you take care of that tenderloin.

If the weather is not good, build the fire under a makeshift shelter, offer mulled wine to the frail of flesh and proceed to step 3).

Or, for those who are harmonically challenged (like my husband, whose boyhood pastor always told him, quite kindly, of course -- "Leroy, you can just mouth the words if you want"), just substitute table talk for the hymn sing-- as long as you don't roast the pastor.

Even better, offer the ministry of hospitality to the un-churched neighbors -- invite them over for a good meal, good conversation, and your good example of why Grace Alone is the way to go!

Peace and joy-

Cathi and Red Braasch
Braasch Land and Livestock
Capron IL

Send your reformation day ideas to and we'll post them here!